Does your Salon or Spa offer them to clients? Rewards programs are a great way to keep your clients happy and get’s them talking about your place to other people. Some people are so busy focusing on getting new clients that they forget their existing ones. So try a couple of reward programs to see what works best for you.

Before your clients leave, tell them about the rewards program that you have going on in your salon. For every time she re-books an appointment and keeps that appointment, she can receive 10% off of her next visit. She can call and change the appointment to another date or time and still get the discount. But, if the client cancels with the intention of calling back another day to schedule, then unfortunately they lose the discount. With clients knowing this, they are more likely to reschedule there and then on the phone and stick with the appointment.

If they upgrade their services or try new services, use this as part of the rewards program also. They gain a point for every time they try something new or upgrade. These points can be accumulated over a year. Perhaps they gain five points for referring a friend, or two points for trying a new service etc. At some point once they have collected enough points, which equates to dollars, they could potentially get a service for free! Offering little incentives or reward programs make people feel special. Who doesn’t like to be made to feel special?

If your client is a regular who spends a juicy amount of money with you each year, reward them with becoming a silver, gold or platinum member all depending on the dollar amount that they have spent with you each year. With each level that they reach they get discounts or a free hand massage, or free product. The higher the level they reach, the better the reward.

There are lots more reward programs available to your clients all of which can be found in this book