Never double dip!  By this I mean that if you have stuck the spatula into the wax pot, then applied it to the area of skin to be waxed, the stick should be thrown away in the trash can immediately. Imagine waxing every client with just one stick and you kept double dipping?

The tin of wax would have traces of blood, pubic hair, and feces (especially if the client didn’t clean up properly!!). It would be a breeding ground for bacteria, which is extremely unsanitary and not fair on the clients.

Wax doesn’t heat up to a high enough temperature to kill any bacteria. This is a myth, so please don’t be fooled into believing this. If anything, since it is kept at a warm temperature, it is more likely to be a perfect breeding ground for germs to fester and multiply. Germs love warm places!  Sticks are inexpensive and it doesn’t eat away at your profits. Increase your prices by a couple of dollars if it is a big financial concern to you and inform clients as to why your prices are slightly higher. I would also strongly suggest that you place a sign in your room as well as on your menu or website, informing them that your policy is “no double dipping.” Not all salons place signs as they just take it for granted clients know. I think this adds that extra uniqueness to your services and business. Some clients wouldn’t even think that this was an issue anyway as they may have been informed in the past by a previous aesthetician that the heat of the wax kills germs.

When it is OK to double dip and how you can work your way around this can be found here in Claire’s book “The British Aestheticians Guide to Waxing the Twigs and Berries