Am I the only one that has oily skin around here? I’m sure I’m not, as I know quite a few of you can relate to this. I don’t mind most of the time but sometimes it can be annoying, Look shiny, Oily T-zone, more breakouts, and my makeup comes off my face.

How often do I hear “you won’t get wrinkles,” and yes this may slow down the ageing process which is nice to hear, but here and now my skin is oily! I have recognized the fact that my skin is an oily skin type which has enabled me to control it and choose products accordingly. An important part of treating skin is to know what kind of skin it is. Some signs of oily skin are as follows:

-After washing or cleansing your face it feels greasy to the touch
-Makeup easily transfers onto your hands if you touch or press your hand onto your face
-You generally look shiny without using any moisturizer
-Makeup slides off your skin and moves about on your face
-Eye shadow creases and doesn’t stay in one place
-You have visible open pores that look enlarged
-You may find you are prone to blackheads and pimples

If you agree with most of these statements, then you, like many of us probably have oily skin. It’s nothing to be embarrassed about, and it certainly does not mean you have dirty skin. This is your skin type whether it’s down to genetics, choice if makeup, skincare products or working environment. Keep in mind that in combination skin you won’t necessarily have oily skin all over the face. You may just have it in certain areas (t-zone) or at certain times of the year (especially in the summer.)

The best way I have found to help my oily skin is to think of the products or ingredients that would add more oil that I don’t need and minimize use of  them. Now it does depend on how oily your skin is to follow this, but generally I have found these to work.

-Not use a liquid foundation on my skin as it adds more oil and moisture.
-Use a gel, foam, or liquid based face wash, they are normally good for oily skin types.
-Avoid creamy, extra hydrating, and moisture rich products labeled to do just that.
-Use clay based masques 1-2 times a week to help absorb excess oil.
-Use a moisturizer every other day (that is specific for oily skin/oil.)
-I don’t use moisturizer at night as products at night penetrate deeper (I only do this if I am going through a dry spell)
-I never use face wipes, they simply don’t remove makeup or oil off your face thoroughly. I try not to touch my face as hands carry dirt and oil that don’t help.
-Last, if I get breakouts I leave them alone. Don’t squeeze, poke, or prod as it will only end up spreading by opening up the bacteria and probably leave a scar.

Just one last thing I promise, don’t ever think that just drying out all your oil is good….it isn’t! Over using products like Popular “Tee-tree” based products will leave you dehydrated and flakey. Your skin will start to over work itself to balance out, producing more oil, and leave your skin overly tight. Follow the instructions on your skin care products properly to achieve desired results. If you are like me then you want to get the best out of your skin. Research, recommendations and proven products/treatments can all help

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