DO GENETICS AFFECT ACNE? Even though there is no science to back it up, most dermatologists will tell you that if, for example, your parents suffered from acne at one point or another, you will like suffer from it as well. But there is no telling the severity of your condition based on your parent’s experience. There are definitely some factors that come into play but the causes of acne are complex, and can include your diet, stress & hormones.

IS TANNING A REMEDY FOR ACNE? We all know how great, smooth and flawless our skin looks when we tan. It camouflages blemishes, redness and acne scars & true, the sunlight does destroy P. Acne, the bacteria that causes inflammation. This might make you want to run to the nearest tanning salon or to lay out in the sun, keep in mind that most acne medications make your skin ultra sensitive to the sun and the uv radiation, further intensifying the risks of premature aging, wrinkles and skin cancer. In my opinion, the short-term solution is not worth the long term risks.

DOES SQUEEZING A PIMPLE GET RID OF IT? First things first- at the end of every pore there is an oil gland that creates sebum your skin needs. When a pimple forms, a whitehead, or blackhead or inflammation, the sebum has nowhere to go and needs to be released to start the healing process. The liquid inside the pore is a mild infection and we all get the urge to pick and squeeze but it is best to leave it be, if you are too aggressive, you can break the pore causing the sebum to expand to surrounding skin causing more breakouts. Best to treat breakouts with medicated washes and gels and leave the extractions to the experts!

DOES WORKING OUT MAKE YOU BREAK OUT? Yes and no! Working out does not cause breakouts, in fact, overtime it reduces blemishes because you are alleviating stress and the lowering your levels of cortisone, an acne-producing stress hormone. It is your POST-gym routine you need to worry about. Workout machines and mats at the gym are full of bacteria. Make sure you cleanse your face, shower and change into clean clothes right after finishing your workout.

DO FACIALS HELP WITH BREAKOUTS? Initially facials might make your skin appear worse since the extraction process causes inflammation, and more than likely the products used during the facial are new to your skin , and your skin could just be responding. Overtime, facials reduce the number of comedones and microcomedones- lesions that cause acne- and they are an effective way to create healthy skin.

DOES EATING CHOCOLATE TRIGGER BREAK OUTS? There is really no evidence that shows that chocolate causes breakouts. Some research does show that eating a few pieces of dark chocolate a day can actually improve your skin’s appearance due to flavanols- protective nutrients that absorb UV light and increase blood flow the skin. Doesn’t mean that you can eat chocolate all day long, chocolate is high calories. Stick to a high-protein diet full of healthy fats and avoid carbs!

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Renata Bateman is a Licensed Esthetician and Certified Make Up Artist @ Metro Salon in East End- Rochester.